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Finding a therapist that feels comfortable and right for you is essential. You want someone who is genuine, fully hears you, and supports your growth outside of the therapy office. Your therapy experience needs to be the right fit for you and we can incorporate a variety of approaches into each session so that our relationship and work is comfortable. I offer individual therapy sessions and we will work collaboratively with one another to address your specific needs. Clients have stated they leave sessions feeling valued, heard, and empowered to take what they have learned and put it into practice.


One of my passions is "Fresh Air Therapy" and we can hold sessions outdoors, walking, running, or in the garden if you are interested in incorporating the outdoors into your healing journey.


I incorporate faith based work for those wishing to explore their Christian faith and how therapy can align within the faith itself.

If you would like to include someone else in your healing journey and sessions at times, I offer joint sessions as well. 


A person can expect to experience many changes throughout their life which can result in increased stress and mental health responses such as anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. I want to support you in navigating not only the changes in your life, but the difficult thoughts and feelings that come along with them.

I incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a Somatic Psychotherapy approachMindfulness, Natural Flow EMDR, movement, and yoga techniques into our time together, as I have witnessed the powerful impact they each have on emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.


 Please see the FAQ page for service fees. 


How much will it cost?


Individual Therapy Session 45-55 minutes: $145.00

(Teletherapy, in office, outside, gardening)

Joint Sessions 60-75 minutes long: $200.00

Outdoor walking, running, and hiking sessions 60-90 minutes. Longer gardening therapy sessions are offered as well. Please call me to discuss details and fees as they will vary due to location and length. 

I provide an initial phone consultation at no charge to you.


Do you do teletherapy?


Yes, I do offer teletherapy services as well as face to face in office sessions, however, due to Covid-19, I am currently only providing teletherapy and socially distanced outdoor sessions. I plan to be back in an office by summer/fall of 2021.


Do you accept any insurance?

I accept self pay and am currently paneled with BCBS State Plan only. I have requested to terminate my contract with the BCBS State Plan and that will end in February of 2022. 

I am able to provide you a receipt as an out of network provider (ONN) if you would like to submit to your insurance company for your own reimbursement. You will be responsible for the full fee at the time of session. It is recommended that you call your insurance company first to find out all of the information regarding your benefits and your reimbursement. 

Do I have to use my insurance?

No, you do not have to use your insurance. I accept self pay via check, cash, and credit cards. I do require a credit card be placed on file before sessions begin. Some clients choose not to use their insurance due to confidentiality as a diagnosis is required to submit to insurance companies. Choosing to self pay upholds this confidentiality. I am happy to discuss this option more with you in our initial phone consulation. 

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