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Growing Connections Counseling,PLLC

Support for those who want change.

Licensed in North and South Carolina

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. 

You want something to change. You are tired and overwhelmed of being tired and overwhelmed. You may be experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress every day wondering if you will ever be able to make a change or understand what is going on inside of you. Like the shame and guilt of not doing enough, being enough or feeling better just won't go away. Trying to make sure everyone is happy and get everthing "right" just isn't working anymore. You may feel like you never have time for yourself and are exhausted. There may be feelings of sadness around a loss of a person, relationship or dream and it's possible you keep thinking that some things in your past you just can't let go of. You may be experiencing relationship difficulties and don't know how to "fix" things. Trying to care for yourself has become difficult and even sleep isn't happening because all of these thoughts and feelings just won't stop. You just want something to change and need some guidance in what that change could look like. 

You might be looking for support with:


Grief and Loss


Discovering or reconnecting with yourself

Figuring out what is important to you in a new stage of life

Navigating a big transition in your life

Past or recent trauma

Understanding trauma

Figuring out how to make yourself a priority in your own life

Not overthinking anymore and trying to get everything "right"

Relationship Concerns (with others, with yourself, with food)

It is often when we are experiencing some of these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that we find ourselves engaging in behaviors that truly don't work for us any longer. These behaviors may feel like they are helping us at times and other times they may feel like they are only making things feel more out of control.


A major life transition may also intensify some of these thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Life transitions can be welcoming, challenging, and even traumatic. They can include experiences such as leavivng home for college, forming your own path, marriage, divorce, birth, death, moving, changing jobs, illness, retiring, becoming a parent, becoming an "empty nester", and strained relationships not only with others, but with our own bodies and self. You may think you are experiencing a quarter or mid life "crisis". Even developing more workable communication patterns and learning to identify and hold boundaries can be considered a life transition.

I, too, have experienced many of these same thoughts, feelings, and experiences. My passion is supporting adults looking to connect with their truest and most authentic self by identifying and creating change. 


I want to support you in navigating the journey of life and all of its beauty, challenges and transitions to find peace, joy, and connect on a deeper level with yourself and others again by engaging the mind, body, and spirit for active change. There is definitely hope you can gain clarity, feel confident again, learn to love and respect yourself in a new and genuine way, discover or rediscover your values and what is important to you, and learn new workable coping strategies and behaviors to address some of those heavy, uncomfortable, and unworkable thoughts and feelings so you can begin to live the quality of life you desire, be the person you want to be and have a more fulfulling relationship with yourself and with others. I look forward to working together and being part of your healing, growth, and discovery journey. 


Shannon Worley

 LCSW, Lisw-CP

I was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina and love living and working here. My second favorite place to be is Charleston, South Carolina. My love for both cities led me to become licensed in both states. I am licensed as an LCSW in North Carolina and licensed as an Lisw-CP in SC.  I have been working in the mental health and wellness fields for over 12 years.  


As a mind-body-spirit- psychotherapist, I incorporate a whole body approach and hold true to the belief that everyone is worthy of a quality of life that is meaningful and values driven. It is through my own personal lived experience with stress, grief, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationship patterns, and life transitions that I came to therapy as my profession. Aspiring to help others work towards finding a deeper relationship with one’s true and whole self, through the acceptance that life can be both beautiful and painful is my passion. I want to support you in moving from non-workable coping skills, behaviors, and thoughts patterns, to more workable ones. My approach in therapy is safe, non-judgemental, direct and gentle. I provide lots of hands on tools to support you during our time together.  I like to have fun, both in and out of therapy session, and remind myself and others that fun is actually an essential part of being. Things can change. You can change. You are worthy and there is hope. 

Some of my favorite things to do include traveling, running, hiking, reading, birding, gardening, drinking great coffee, having fun with friends and family, yoga, seeing live music, and watching baseball with my son. Oh, and laughing. Lots of laughing. 

*Pictured here my best running buddy, Brodie. I welcome any and all of your furry best friends to join you during our time together! Our pets provide us so much love and support! 


Fern Plant

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Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to take care of yourself! You are worth it. I look forward to working with you and I am honored you have considered me to share this journey of healing with you!

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